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Hey Everybody!

Happy New Year! Hope you’ve been doing well over the past few months. I have lots to tell you about. First the not-so-good news...the book is taking a lot longer than I imagined. I had no idea how long it took to edit a book. I want it to be perfect before I publish it, so instead of being ready first of the year, it should be ready in the Spring. I promise it will be worth the wait!

The good news is that my new Horizontal website is up! You can find it at You will now be able to join the Hard Core Horizontal Club and receive a new Horizontal class dvd every month. You can also join the Instructors Horizontal Club and bring Horizontal classes to your gym/club.

Horizontal Conditioning is the perfect way to bring the intensity of other programs like P90X/Insanity to your group exercise schedule. Your hard core group will love the challenge and the results! Whether you bring Horizontal to your gym, or use the ideas for your classes and clients, or just want a new kick-butt Horizontal challenge every month...this club is for you. 

On another note, since we all know that nutrition is the KEY to getting results, here are some other services I offer that you may be interested in:

  • Post-Mania nutrition consults for out of town clients (one on one phone consults)
  • One on One Fuel + Fitness nutrition counseling in/out of town (for those who have not attended my Mania nutrition classes )
  • Nutrition/fitness seminars for small or large businesses.
  • CEU workshop: Fuel + Fitness/Horizontal Conditioning training - February 5, 2011, YMCA Birmingham, Alabama. Register on line at

If interested contact for more information and pricing. 

The beginning of the year is always a busy time for me filled with speaking engagements and new clients. I also begin to prepare for the first SCW Mania convention which is at the end of February. I will be teaching several new classes this year. One is Horizontal Conditioning - Get Rolling, which is an intense Horizontal workout using a ball. The other is called Inner Peace and Power, which is a lecture class covering tips and tools on how to become less stressed and more balanced and peaceful. Definitely a class you won’t want to miss! 

That is it for now. I hope the new year finds you happy and healthy with goals and dreams to work towards. Until next time, keep eating clean, get Horizontal, and stay positive!

• Set goals for the year. Do something you have not done before (half marathon, triathlon, trail running etc.)

• Get Horizontal...It works. Join the Hard Core Horizontal Club or the Horizontal 101 Club for new workouts every month. 

• Make sure you are doing interval cardio training 2-3 times per week.

• Interval workouts should be hard (out of your comfort zone). Remember effort = energy = fuel = calories. More effort, more calories burned. 

• Stretch after every workout. Flexibility gives you greater range of motion so that you can workout harder and helps prevent injury. It’s important! 

• Rest. Take at least 1-2 days off every week. Listen to your body. Resting is a key component of a balanced fitness routine. 

• Don’t diet. Think life-style changes. Fast doesn’t last. Slow and steady is the name of the game. 

• Minimize liquid calories (alcohol, coffee/tea with calories, sports drinks)

• Drink water, tea, sparkling water.

• Minimize artificial products. This includes sweeteners, coloring etc. 

• Buy seasonal fruits/veggies and organic if possible.

• Eat good fat at every meal (nuts, nut butter, olives, avocado, seeds, flax etc.) 

• Take your supplements with meals daily (multi vitamin/mineral, vitamin D 1000 iu/day, Omega 3 1000-2000 mg/day, 2 baby aspirin/day) 

Recipe of the month
Turkey Chili from Clean Eating Winter 2008

2 lbs ground turkey breast

1 can fat-free chicken broth

2 cans chili style tomato sauce

4 tbs chili powder

diced red onion

Chopped celery/carrots (about 2 cups of each)

1 small jar jalapenos (optional)


Brown turkey meat, break meat into small pieces. Add all other ingredients. Bring to boil. Cover and reduce heat to low. Simmer for about 1 hour. Can add other veggies as desired (peppers, beans, corn). Top with light sour cream and cheese. Enjoy!